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Beginning of New Era – The Digital India


India is a fast developing country with immense potential for growth of technology and research. Countries such as US and China became developed, only due to the advent of technology, We can measure how much a country and its citizens are developed with the use of advancement technology. Recently in the last few years there is a high penetration


The most celebrated high end camera phones in India


You have the money to spend on a luxurious DSLR camera but the baggage that comes with it i.e. heavy weight and trouble in carrying it just everywhere to shoot puts you off. It is why you have been searching for phones that have an awesome camera with the help of which you can make memories just anywhere. So worry not, photography fanatic! We


How to: Download Blocked Torrents on your Android Phone


Downloading torrents is what makes you really happy. Whether it is the movies or softwares always torrents come to rescue when you don’t have to shell a penny for watching that 3D movie or downloading the pirated OS.

Well if torrents download is blocked and you want to download torrents from your android. Follow the steps below and believe


How TO: Convert Nikon NEF Images to Other Formats in a Second


The pictures you click on your Nikon DSLR are stored in NEF format.  NEF formats contains most details of every capture that the image size is too big. As you know when the size of the file increases the time taken for format conversion will also be more. As a result you need to wait patiently with enough system resources.

There are lot of tools


How to Download Torrents When Blocked

Torrents being blocked in your university or your office is not a big deal. They block it to save their bucks as well as to save their network bandwidth. You must be one of such person who is affected by the inability to download torrents. You may have a tried a N number of ways to get torrents working from using proxy, Free VPN, Tor Browser, Tor


How to : Fix OSCLASS Classifieds Script Unzip Error

OSCLASS is the becoming the most downloaded open-source classifieds script on the internet. Recently I tested the script to see it features and suddenly like for the most users I got an error “Unzip Error” when I tried to install a new theme through the OsClass Admin panel. I checked for solutions round the web and I found no where it


How to Add Swap Memory to your Ubuntu Server

Don’t worry even if your server has only 512 MB RAM, you can actually increase your server memory with help of swap files.In any case they are somewhat deficient regarding RAM. 615mb of RAM is sufficient to test utilizing the support and doing essential things. Anyway in the event that you need to begin doing element website pages or even begin


How to: Fix XML Parsing Error of WordPress Feed


AIM– “To fix error on line 2 at column 6: XML declaration allowed only at the start of the document”

Scenario – WordPress Feeds

Situation – Error

Symptom –  Due to whitespace before the beginning line of xml feed.

Problem – Either due to extra space after closing tag ?> in functions.php of your WordPress theme file.

Simple Fix (1 hour fix)- Try deactivating your theme and check your  for no more errors. If no error then theme is causing you the problem. So either find the whitespace in your php file and remove it. If it it not in functions.php, the error might be from any of the theme files.

Very very simple fix (1 minute fix)Add the following code to your functions.php of your theme.

function ___juniorhero_wp_whitespace_fix($input) { /* valid content-type? */ $allowed = false; <span


How to Fix White Screen of Death WordPress


There are a few situations which can cause a WordPress installation bringing about the white screen of death. Much of the time we’ve seen as such, the white screen of death is not a WordPress issue, yet something else, for example, a plugin separating the WordPress blog.

We have encountered the white screen of death and how we troubleshooted


WhatsApp Crosses 700 Million Users

Whatsapp by Facebook

Whatsapp has crossed an alternate turning point number, with founder Jan Koum publishing that the product has more than 700 million dynamic month to month users.

So in under a year, Whatsapp has included almost the same number of clients as Twitter has. Snapchat, an alternate informing administration, is all the more tight lipped


How to: 10 Ways to Speedup Chrome Browser

Speeding up chrome is never hard. Get it done Have you perceived your generally quick Google Chrome program backing off, or actually slamming on you? Unnecessary plugins, expansions, and actually searching information can ease your program off to a creep, or make it crash. Here’s the means by which to alter it. In this article, we’ll