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About Athul Jayaram

Athul Jayaram is a young passionate blogger from Kerala, India. He is doing his III (third) year in Btech CSE+MBA (Dual Degree) at Amity University, New Delhi. He writes about Digital India, Social Media, Technology, SEO and blogging.

Apart from blogging he is a freelancer and works from anywhere he is physically present

Something in his own words:

When I was a kid, I played with the computer most of the time and I started believing I can learn everything myself. After many times I killed my OS, but every time I learned something new. Today, when I look back I know how most of it works. Once I tried to register a website but miserably failed. I did not give up. I googled and learned about building a website. So today when I lookback I know as much as 17 programming languages and my thirst for knowledge is going bigger than before.

About Juniorhero

At Juniorhero, we blog about WordPress, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Web 2.0 Tools, Blogging, Hacks and all geeky stuffs.

Juniorhero is a community blog where bloggers can contribute their articles Via Guest posts

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