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How to Access Blocked Websites Easily

If you are working in office or studying at a university or school then many of the sites would be blocked for the safety and productivity of the workers. In many of the colleges sites including porn sites as well as social media websites are blocked. If you want to access blocked Facebook account from the same system, then you need to bypass the blocking of the website. More technically, blocking of websites or services is done either by IP filtering or domain blocking by using filters as well as firewalls. So to by bypass the blocking of website follow the methods below.


By using a Web Proxy, which opens the blocked website with the server IP and shows it to you. It is like the server act as intermediate between you and the blocked website. Personally I prefer to use HideMyass it is a very reliable and safe web proxy. So if you are in any country that blocks some sites you can access it by using Web Proxy.‚  So to use it just go to the web proxy and enter the blocked site url and access it


Another way is to use Proxy server which are in form of an IP Address and a port number. eg :



So to use such a proxy server enter it into the Internet Settings panel of your browser just like as shown in figure below




Now if the site is still blocked then you can use Google Cache pages to open the site. Google Cache maintains copies of every page, so if you want to access go to Google.com and enter

Cache:domain-name.com and Press GO.


Hence you can unblock all the blocked websites and enjoy Facebook at office even if it is blocked.

Hope you can now access that blocked website, don’t mind commenting below my help guaranteed.

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