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Add Santa hat and Christmas goodies to your photo

Today is Christmas, the day to give and share whatever we have. I do have a lot of knowledge and I am happy to share it, as it is all I have to share with you.

Do you want to add a Santa cap to your image or do you want to appear in party hats with Santa’s beards in a snowy region? Pikipimp makes this possible!

Pikipimp is a cool service to pimp and bling your photos. It is absolutely free service and you can edit and share your photos easily.

How to add Santa Hats and Beards to your image?

  1. Choose the image you want to add the hat and Click upload.
  2. Pikipimp image editor appears.
  3. On the “Elements” box on right, choose category “Christmas” and from the subcategory you can either choose “Mistletoe”, “Party Hats”, “Reindeer”, ¯¿½”Santa Beards”, “Santa Hats” and even “Snow Flakes”.
  4. Not just that we can add texts, glitters and animations to the picture.

Pikipimp also provides advanced options like rotate the object, set transparency of element as well as change height and width of the image, crop it and rotate the image.

Once your photo looks cool, ¯¿½just save the image and share it on social networking sites and change your profile picture to show that you too care Christmas.

UPDATED: This service is not working. Kindly try



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