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BlueStacks: How to Run Android Operating System on Windows PC

Today, ‚ Most of the mobile users prefer Android OS phones over Windows and dead Symbian OS phones. Android seems the phone of the future with its wide use and good framework design of the Android OS. May be you have an android phone but how do people who don’t have access to a mobile phone that supports Android use Android OS?


Here Comes BlueStacks the most amazing and wonderful software for Windows that let you run the latest android os on your system without need of other android simulators or an android phone. The best part is you can use google play store and download android apps, and run those apps directly on your system. Now play the Angry Birds in your large laptop screen and get the greatest enjoyment in playing those games in your wide screens with loudspeakers and friends.

BlueStacks Android Emulator - Download Apps Playstore

If you have a MAC system don’t worry, BlueStacks have another version for MAC OS, start playing Candy Crush, Temple Run and send private messages through Telegram, the Whatsapp Killer app.

Even though BlueStacks have a paid version, there is ‚ a free version with full support but Free Sponsored apps install is must ie. we have to download ‚ an app every day which they recommend for continuing the BlueStacks free license.

I have tried Android OS on VirtualBox, Android ADT simulator by google, all these are too slow and sluggy, BlueStacks is best Android emulator software. Go grab it 🙂


JuniorHero rates BlueStacks, 4.5 out of 10.

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