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How to Change Default Folder View in Windows 8

Changing the default view of folders in Windows 8 is easier than you think. As the default Folder view kept while installing Windows 8, Windows 7 and other older versions is so annoying, we prefer to change the view. I feel so uncomfortable when I see the folders shown as list view or when the folders are shown in small icons which is so uncomfortable to find the right folder you are looking for. As in list mode we see a lot of unwanted data like the last modified and size which we hardly check when we come to know the hard disk space is either so low or is consuming so much space.



So to Change the Default Folder View in Windows 8


  1. Browse to your Hard Disk Partition either by going to My Computer icon or entering explorer.exe on Run tool
  2. Click on View on the toolbar
  3. Select your desired view from the View menu, let it be Large Icons
  4. Select Large Icons, you will see all the folders have changed to Large Icons type of presentation
  5. Now Click on Options
  6. Folder Options Window Appears
  7. Click on View Tab
  8. Select Apply To Folders
  9. A dialog box appears asking whether the change can be made or not
  10. Click on Yes Button
  11. Now check the sub folders of the folder, the change has occurred.




That’s how we change the default folder view, it is so simple. I seen a lot of tutorials make it seem complicated, it isn’t complicated as you think. Do give it a try and give a feedback below.

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