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How to Change MAC Address of Network Adaptor & LAN Card

Being living in 2014, you can expect each and everyone is tracked deeply in each of their online activities, so this is right time to secure yourself from the eyes who are closely tracking you in realtime, Trust me google knows each and every activity you do online including your ip address, your location, browsing sites, watching habits, not just that it reads through your emails using their own built detection mechanism that tracks the activities and passes it to their filters, so to trigger in case of terrorist or illegal activities. So whether you do something good online, you are still being spied by NSA’s and other legal bodies. Network Security In this article, I will share how to change MAC address of your device to something of your choice so that you can cheat those who spy on you to the level they can’t think or never achieve upon. In the upcoming articles, I will share with you how to secure your browser, use proxy, use VPN and other defensive mechanisms that secures yourself from the devils of the internet. So to change your MAC address, all you do is download is TMAC ‚ which is a freeware virus free software and start using according to the steps I mention. The ‚ good thing is you change your MAC address irrespective of your NIC manufacturer or drivers, this works with devices of all kinds. What this software does is that it changes the hard cored value software in the firmware of the adaptor by editing the registry values of our system. Believe me we can’t do that registry edit without a software like TMAC, so TMAC can significantly help us in changing MAC address of our choice. TMAC MAC Adress Changer It works on IPv6 as well as on windows 7 and windows 8 operating systems. So to change MAC address follow the steps below

  1. Start TMAC which will list all your network adaptors.
  2. Select the adaptor you want to change the MAC address
  3. In the information tab you can see the current MAC address of the device including the details of Active as well as Original MAC address
  4. Type the MAC address of your choice to change MAC address column, or for a random accepted value by the system click on the Random MAC Address.
  5. After you have set the MAC address of your choice, you can either choose to make MAC address persistent, don’t worry if you want to change all you have to do is come back to this application and click on activate original mac address. It is always under your control.
  6. Use ’02’ as octet is optional, you don’t have to set those options to make it working.
  7. Click on Change Now.
  8. Your new MAC address will be set and you can go to Networking Center from Control Panel and click on settings of adaptor and see if the MAC address is changed or not, it would be changed for sure.
  9. Now Enjoy!!

Download this app from CNET now —-> Download Link

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