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How To Convert Image To Text Without OCR Software

Most of the time we wish‚  if the text in the images are converted to readable text which we can either copy paste or do changes and add it to documents we wanted to. But most of the time we either need a scanner and OCR software to read the text from the documents , most of the time it is complicated process.

Sometimes it isn’t cool if we can take the scan with a mobile camera and do the optical character recognition in less than second?‚  Yes, here comes another use for Microsoft OneDrive, which can do a OCR process as we upload any document.



So if we have a JPG or any format picture of a printed text, upload it to OneDrive by signing into your Microsoft account. Once the file is upload open it, on the right side of the file we can see the text recognized from the uploaded document.

I have tried many other OCR softwares, but those recognitions seems not correct as in the OneDrive. Do try it out and give me a feedback



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  1. Haritha says:

    HI Athul Jayaram,

    Finally i got good information, recently am searched a lot for this query…After reading your article am converted my image into a text..First of all thanks for useful information

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