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Digital Story of Christmas

We all live in the world of technology. Every second millions of people update their status, chat with their friends, send emails, watch videos, read wiki, buy gadgets, listen to their children with the ComfortCam Baby Monitor and google what they are looking for.

Mary and Joseph communicated without using computers, internet and social networks. But without any of these present technologies, they stayed connected and announced the Birth of Jesus.

Merry Christmas

What might it look like if Jesus was born today?

If Jesus was born today it would have looked like using social media, web and mobile to tell the story of nativity.

The Couples Mary and Joseph would have used

  • Facebook to stay connected as well as create the birth of Jesus event and upload the pictures of baby.
  • Twitter to announce the birth of Jesus.
  • YouTube to upload the video of baby.
  • Wikipedia to get the word from the Holy Spirits.
  • Google Maps to find the driving directions from their hometown .
  • Gmail to message between the couples.
  • Foursquare to check-in at the stable and update their location.
  • Amazon to buy gifts for the kid.
  • Not just that they would have used iPhone and ‚ Macbook.

Videos below are an artistic take on the story of nativity if social networks were present at the time of Jesus’s birth. It highlights the truths and circumstances of our Saviour’s birth in a fresh and unique way.

The Digital Story of Nativity

Christmas story told through popular social networks and services like Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, Gmail, Wikipedia, YouTube and Google Maps.


A Social Network Christmas

Like The Social Network movie based on Facebook, A Social Network Christmas tells the story of Christmas just through the million users site Facebook

This video proves Facebook is an alternative for all the popular web services. Mary and Joseph successfully uses only Facebook for keeping them updated with their experiences and birth of Jesus.

  • Here Google Maps gets replaced by Facebook Places.
  • FB status update instead of tweeting it.
  • Messaging on FB walls instead of emailing via Gmail.
  • Facebook event instead of Foursquare location update.


Digital Christmas – Nativity 2.0

This is also a digital story but actually a roleplay of Mary and Joseph born in the modern world who uses social networking sites, iPhone, Macbook and owns a car.

A Haiti organisation made this play with the mission to support the survivors of the Haiti earthquake.


Even though time changes, feelings remain the same. They still communicated without any email and social networks. People today cannot live without social networks and it has become a major part of their life.

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