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How to Download Youtube Videos as MP3 Audio Files

Everyone including you and me prefers to watch videos on YouTube, Daily billions of videos are buffered by millions of users over internet. Most of the time you may need to download those videos as MP3 for listening on your mp3 device or making it a caller tuner on your own phone.‚ 

There are lot of softwares and online tools for converting YouTube videos to mp3, but they differ by the speed of performance especially in the time taken for conversion from videos to mp3. Most of softwares for this purpose are not freeware either but trial versions with ads, not just that we need to download the software first to do the video conversion.

The YouTube to Mp3 Converter tool takes is all a millisecond for converting your favourite Michael Jackson album. This conversion takes the same time taken by light to propagate to air, interesting facts isn’t it ??

Youtube Video as Mp3 Download

To Convert a Youtube video to mp3, just enter the YouTube video url and click on Convert Video. The Video will be converted to mp3 with an mp3 download link. Click on the download link to download the file.

Only limit is this tool can be used to download videos of up to 20 minute only. This is an ideal tool to download music albums

Hope you the like the tool and do tell me your reviews on the above service.

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