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Greener Planet with Microsoft Office 365

For last 2 years, I was looking for an application like Office 365, thanks to Microsoft they made such a wonderful application which have all the cool features that old Microsoft Office apps didn’t possess. For humans like me, Office 365 has given a hope of succeeding with 100% technology utilization and‚ globalization.

I use Microsoft Office 365 and I feel it can change the way bosses think about word processors, I can cut all my office works and work from cricket stadiums and let the boss receive the files in no time. Sounds, too cool? Isn’t it 3 Office 365 will make 365 days at office enjoyful 🙂

MY DREAM business with Office 365 is I want to live track the temperatures at Antarctica with temperatures at metros of India. Not just temperature but more data like Humidity changes, Rainfall cycles and everything. More importantly I want people to input data about number‚ of trees cut and added in every society of India. With these data and with the help of Office 365 I will convert these data into visuals with meaningful interpretations. Then I would start a campaign with all top media and government to plant as much trees possible and to cut Deforestation. Then I would add live trackers to know which cities and organisations are participating well, with those people I would start a company “Earth Savers” and start to go to each place and plant over a billion trees with support from Government. That way melting of Antarctic decreases, global warming decreases, temperature too decreases. Then we would go global by planting trillions of trees round the planet. That way we will save earth..

As, Sir A P J Abdul Kalam, says “Dream, one day your dreams will be put into action” this is also possible if I get enough support and co-operation from people. “No dream too big” this way I can solve the global issue being discussed by millions but not imposed by even thousands. If global warming ends, Earth will be for humans and no earthquakes or natural disasters will happen.

Thanks to Office 365 which can be accessed through any device online, I can add all our data into robust and secure Microsoft Sharepoint online. Not just that Lync is the one which would make our life easier. ‚ I hope Microsoft gives free unlimited license for such a noble cause. I am also a genuine user of Windows 8 OS and I love using it 🙂


To be a blogger with love towards Office 365, becoming a passionate entrepreneur is natural. Believe it Microsoft, you 365 will make a lot of entrepreneurs and business man who is happy of being able to use their data anytime, anywhere.

Thanks for Indiblogger for bringing out love towards nature in me. I hope to win this competition.

So guys check Office365 now


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