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Top 10 Features of Apple iOS 8

Apple announced the release of‚  iOS 8 at during WWDC 2014 leading to steep increase in the trust of Apple users and shareholders. The good thing is iOS 8 has led to steep competition to Google Android OS with the announcement of its outstanding features. It is to be noted that this is the simpler and outstanding Release since launch of App Store.




#1 App Notifications Under User Control

Apple Users can control the notifications of Email, Facebook, SMS, Apps without need of opening the app and directly from the page where you are working.


#2 Improved Messaging App

Users can send messages easier than before. With new included features such as Tap to talk and ability to share videos, pictures and location with anyone you want

#3‚  The New Health App

This time Apple has given much importance for giving a common page to all the health apps and ability to communicate between the health apps for improved and accurate prediction of your health details, this way you can keep track of your health much faster and easier. Not just that all those health devices such as Fitbit and Fuel band are supported in this health app by Apple

#4 Auto Prediction Feature for Texting

Next time when you text you don’t have to complete the words, your apple learns it and understands, so you can text faster and quicker than you can imagine.

#5‚  The all new Family Sharing & Buying Feature

With the all new Family buying and sharing features, up to 6 people can connect with each others store account and download stuffs which your family members has bought. Not just that you can share your photos and calendar with them

#6 Device Switching and Multiple Device Supportability

Next time you don’t have to message from your iPhone, you can do it from your Mac, yeah the next level of connectivity. The best part is you can attend the calls on your Macbook or iPad or any Apple device. In this way all your Apple device are connected.

#7 Improved Safari Browser

Safari has evolved to something new and truly useful. With the new features such as Tab view you can multi-task easier. Not just that with the added sidebar you can add bookmarks and links that matter. The best part is gestures are added for opening mails and marking them as read. Next time when there is a phone number or fight ticket number on your email, it can understand it.

#8 iCloud, the cloud storage app by Apple

Now store and access all your files anywhere including Windows PC or wherever you want.

#9 Improved Spotlight Search

Now this app detects your location and shows search results from where you are so the results are more accurate and useful.

#10 Improved Photo App in iOS 8

In iOS 8, all your photos are straightened automatically with ability to adjust light efficiently so that your photos are wonderful as you are.

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