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HOW TO: Find Blog Contests and Giveaways

There are a lot of contests buzzing on web, but we do not really see these contests. Either we miss it or don’t bother it. Whatever the prize is, getting something free of cost is really cool. From License keys to costly softwares, everything you can get free. But you must keep an eye on the contests going on web. Whether you win or lose, or your entry is valid or not, participating and taking chances is a must.


Recently, I won a contest – 75000 Facebook Followers on a blog. One of my friends popped me a question “How do you find these contests?” and I was surprised that none of my friends saw the contest even though I shared it on all social media sites. If they had seen the contest they would have participated in this contest.

I am cracking you, how I actually find these blog giveaways. I am also just like you who have so many friends and lots of updates that I miss so many contests. It is so simple I filter my social network feeds to get all contests and freebies together.



Facebook is the most popular social networking site with 500 million active users. I am sure you too use Facebook. So to find blog contests –

  1. Just go to facebook.com/search
  2. Select “Post by friends” option, since it can show you the most relevant giveaways according to your taste.
  3. On the Search form, Enter “Giveaway” or “Blog Giveaway” or “win” to get all the contests from your friends and pages.

Facebook Giveaway Search

You can even select “Posts by everyone” to see all contests posted by Facebook users but it is less relevant.

Also you can use Openbook to search and get contests posted by all Facebook users with public profiles.



So if you are a Twitter addict guy who wants to find giveaways and free stuff use Google Realtime Search to search tweets.

  1. Go to google.com/realtime
  2. Enter keywords like “web giveaway” or “blog contest” and search.
  3. See the top updates column to see hottest contests going on.
  4. Just take part in the contest 🙂

Google Contest Search

There are a lot of twitter search engines like Topsy and Twazzup to find giveaways and tweets in a better way using their own algorithms and intelligence.

Giveaway Search Engine


There is also a karate kid on the block. Giveawayscout.It scans thousands of giveaway and contest blogs and add them to their easy searchable search engine neatly categorized according to the time the giveaway has started.

So you are lucky if you are a Facebook user with lot of bloggers as friends and get instant updates of latest giveaways ‚ and tech updates.

Which was the giveaway you recently won? Which way do you prefer to track giveaways? Do you know any other ways to find the latest giveaways? What do you think Juniorhero must giveaway this Christmas?

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19 thoughts on “HOW TO: Find Blog Contests and Giveaways

    1. Athul says:

      Thank you bro and my special Christmas wishes to you

  1. great idea, thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. Athul says:

      Welcome bro. Stay tuned

  2. Interesting info, keep sharing great info’s like this ..

    1. Athul says:

      Thank you so much for commenting here and I am so glad a pro blogger like you, liked my post. Happy Christmas

  3. Thanks for the link for giveawayscout.com – they have such an expansive list of current promotions, definitely worth checking out. I knew of other contest/freebies sites but never came across this one before.

    1. Athul says:

      Giveawayscout is definitely a killer giveaway site to find contests & coupons from any niche. I like that you are running a similar global service. Good luck.

  4. extremely good post. Thanks for posting

  5. Anurag says:

    Now this is what called as really unique tip
    “Enter “Giveaway” or ”Blog Giveaway” or “win” to get all the contests from your friends and pages.”
    Nice one..
    Thnkx for Sharing..

    1. Athul says:

      Thank you so much Anurag. I always blog from my experiences unlike bloggers who just write on any topic without even trying the thing they blogged. BTW Happy New year

  6. Swamykant says:

    Nice Idea. This is best way to use the real time search engines. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  7. shenoyjoseph says:

    i m also searching these type of giveaway contests. so thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. Thomas says:

    Thanks for the article, there's some good tricks here I'll definitely take advantage of.

    I'm curious, as I've been thinking about using the service that you won the Facebook Fan Invites from. How did that end up working out for you? How many invites did you get, how many followers actually subscribed, etc. Real curious to see any statistics you might have on the before-and-after so I can gauge the worth of their service.

  9. list2fly says:

    An alternate way to ensure that you are signing up with legit offers in by going to review sites that review those free offers.

  10. skarwande says:

    Generally , when using autoresponder systems, double opt-in is necessary or highly recommended.

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  12. rajquest says:

    If you are acquainted with giveaways, you’ll notice that most inspire you to upgrade. Hence it's not critical to upgrade but it definitely helps keep you in the game longer and gives you a ranking boost, remember the higher you rank, the more sign ups or customers you'll get.

  13. univtego says:

    This is really good idea…the prize is, getting something free of cost is really cool. From License keys to costly softwares, everything you can get free…

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