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Fix your Facebook Privacy with PrivacyDefender

Facebook is the most popular social networking site. Facebook has more than 500 million active users who spend nearly 700 billion minutes every month. So protecting your data on Facebook is a must.

Facebook handles privacy in a messy way.  Recently Facebook changed their Privacy settings making privacy tough for users and popular privacy bookmarklets like ReclaimPrivacy stopped working. PrivacyDefender works with the new Facebook privacy settings.

PrivacyDefender is a new Facebook application to fix your Facebook privacy easily and in a tidy way.  PrivacyDefender makes your complex privacy settings simple.  To fix your privacy, follow the steps below.

How to use PrivacyDefender?

  1. Right click or drag this link PrivacyDefender to bookmark it on your bookmarks bar.
  2. Go to apps.facebook.com/privacydefender and click “Allow” when App requests for permission.
  3. Now go to apps.facebook.com/privacydefender and click on the bookmarklet you bookmarked.
  4. PrivacyDefender starts scanning your Facebook account for privacy breaches.
  5. See your current FB privacy settings in a circular chart.

How to read the PrivacyDefender chart?

  • There are options to set privacy of your birthday, profile picture, posts, comments, photos, videos and  contact info.
  • There are 4 types of slices in the chart.
  • Green slice in center shows that your info is only visible to you.
    Next green slice shows that your friends can only see your info.
    Yellow slice makes your info visible to your friends of friends only.
    Red slice makes your info visible to anyone on web.

PrivacyDefender Facebook Application

How to Fix your Facebook Privacy?

  • Drag the arrow to your preferred privacy level
  • There are 3 privacy options   – Friends, Social and Public.
  • Friends – Choose this option to show your info just to your friends and do not want to add new friends.
    Social Network – Choose this setting if you want to grow your friends network but don’t want to share your info publicly.
    Everyone –  Choose this setting if you want your Facebook profile shown publicly but don’t want to expose your contact and other sensitive information.

  • It could also fix 3 extremely important privacy settings i.e. Facebook Partners cannot use your info, Friends cannot share your info and advertisers can’t show your info in their advertisements.
  • Even you can set custom privacy settings by clicking on the areas in the chart.
  • Once set, Click on “Fix My Privacy” to apply your new privacy settings.

It has a cool feature for you to see your friend’s privacy and alert them about their privacy. Now you don’t have to worry about your Facebook Privacy. Stay connected to your friends on Facebook peacefully.

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Please do drop a comment about your experience with Facebook Privacy and let us know whether this application worked or not.

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