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How to : Fix OSCLASS Classifieds Script Unzip Error

OSCLASS is the becoming the most downloaded open-source classifieds script on the internet. Recently I tested the script to see it features and suddenly like for the most users I got an error “Unzip Error” when I tried to install a new theme through the OsClass Admin panel. I checked for solutions round the web and I found no where it is actually solved in a easy way but as recommended by the OsClass developers we have to install the theme or plugins manually and there is no simple way to do it.


This made me think and solve the problem, as I am managing a high end Ubuntu server located at US, I was able to understand why the error was actually shown.  As mentioned in OsForums the error was not due to incorrect file permissions, as our directories were already in the 777 CHMOD, still the error was shown. It was due to the incorrect user group holding the folders or more clearly the folders were owned by the server admin and not WWW-DATA for web access and control. If you are on a shared hosting, I would recommend you to show this article to your hosting company and let them make the changes.

If you are the administrator of the server or you have root access to your server then run the following command from your PUTTY or SSH terminal to make the changes.

sudo su 

sudo chown -R www-data /var/www/html/your-osclass-script-folder


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