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How to Fix White Screen of Death WordPress

There are a few situations which can cause a WordPress installation bringing about the white screen of death. Much of the time we’ve seen as such, the white screen of death is not a WordPress issue, yet something else, for example, a plugin separating the WordPress blog.


We have encountered the white screen of death and how we troubleshooted it is through a unique way. First of all get FTP/SSH access to your WordPress Installation directory.


  1. Then rename wp-content/plugins directory to wp-content/plugin or something else. Now try reloading the site, if it works, a plugin is causing the problem. So enable the plugins one or two at a time and find which plugin is causing the problem and either remove it or get a new copy of plugin from wordpress repository.
  2. If no change occurs when renaming wp-content/plugins, rename the same with wp-content/themes and check. If still no change occurs, have a look on wp-config.php
  3. If you did a server change or changed the table prefix, then the white screen error is due to table change. Either create a new wordpress installation and copy data only of the below tables


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