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Top 3 Free Disposable Email Address Providers

If you are signing up for ‚ a service just to test it out for a short period or just want to download a file whose link is shown only after signing up to the newsletter list, then use disposable email address over your primary email address since it prevents spam being entering your primary mail box, not just that even if the websites sells your email address your mailbox won’t get filled by spam as those spam’s are trashed at disposable email automatically.


The best disposable email address provider is Mailinator, All you have to do is copy the email shown in their homepage and give that email to the spammers. To access the inbox just click on the email you will be taken to the inbox where you can see the emails being received.

Disposable Email

Similarly Guerilla Mail is also a service similar to Mailinator but there is a benefit in using Guerilla Mail, we can even send emails from the Guerilla Disposable Email. ‚ 10 Minute Mail is another disposable email service in which disposable email lasts only for 10 minutes and then destroys itself.


It is better to use disposable emails for joining newsletters and registering on not safe websites.

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