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FREE Google Docs Website Uptime Monitor with Email & SMS

We are the webmasters, bloggers and server administrators. We know that bad feeling on the customers when they try to access your website. Never ever make your visitors feel alone. Give them a guarantee your website will live through the deepest of technical problems as you are there to cope it out.

Never ever pay for website monitoring services such as pingdom for keeping an eye on your website every 60 seconds. Sounds cool? All you have to do is to go to our google docs page (at bottom of this page) link and make a copy of it. Then enter your website url and your email in the column just like the one shown in the screenshot below

google docs


Then go to Tools > Script Editor. The script editor will be loaded on a new tab,then click on Resources > Current Project’s triggers. From the Project triggers, click on isMysiteDown¬† trigger and set it for every minute

google docs


The google docs spreadsheet app will ask for permissions, grant the permissions

You will get email at the very moment when your website is down through email. To get SMS alerts, you need to set the mobile alerts in your Google Calendar. To do that go to Google Calendar > Settings > Mobile Setup > Verify your Mobile number . Now verify your mobile phone and go to notification tab and select SMS as default notification option.


google docs



Now you will receive your site downtime via sms and email.

Website Monitoring Google Docs Page



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