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Google Says Internet will Crash on June 30, 2015

Keeping in mind the end goal to record for the backing off of the Earth’s pivot, researchers have added one measly second to the logbook. Doesn’t have any kind of effect right? Google supposes it does. Thus, Google is purportedly making preemptive move for the same.


Despite the fact that scarcely anybody will understand it, the day will have 86,401 seconds rather than 86,400 seconds. The explanation behind the same is that the additional second cause machines to breakdown as more machines sync with atomic clocks today, in view of which, even the distinction of one second could make them glitch.

Further, Google has supposedly made sense of how to keep sites from slamming amid this time. The inquiry titan will be adding a millisecond to its framework clocks bit by bit, as opposed to stopping for a brief moment on the day. Subsequently, the machines will be revised after some time and won’t need to tally that second twice. Lets hope internet don’t crash that day

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