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Convert long url into short Google url

Google’s URL shortener,  Goo.gl is available publicly.  Goo.gl is the most stable, secure and fastest URL shortener on the web. On December of 2009, Google introduced the Goo.gl URL shortener project as a part of Feedburner and Google toolbar.  Later they introduced it  in the popular Google services like Blogger, Picasa Web Albums and Google Maps .

Bit.ly is the most dominating URL shortener till date.  It is sure that Google will dominate  among short url services. Majority of Internet power users trust the brand Google and is confident of goo.gl short urls as it protects against malware, phishing and spam.

Why you should use  Google short url service?.

  • Stability – Robust google servers are  stable and 100% uptime.
  • Speed – Google’s technology is being  improved continuously and speed doubled is  within 9  months.
  • Security – Gmail has world’s best spam detection technology and Google short url service uses this anti-spam technology.

Features of Google short url service.

  1. Google is a trusted and long-lasting brand.
  2. Goo.gl  uses 301 redirect which flows link juice and  backlinks.
  3. Google Short link tracks clicks, countries, browsers, platforms, referrers and saves it for future use.
  4. A QR code for every link is generated which can be read by mobile phones and scanners.
  5. Google will soon integrate goo.gl with Google Analytics.
  6. Google API will be released soon and  sharing of links becomes easier.

How to shorten long url?

  1. Just go to Goo.gl and paste your url to shorten the long url.
  2. If you are a Google chrome browser user, you can shorten easily with  goo.gl URL shortener or Shareaholic for google chrome extension and  Mozilla Firefox users,  install the goo.gl lite extension.

How to see statistics of your Goo.gl link ?

I would love to hear your opinion about this post and do let us know which is your favourite URL shortener?

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  1. cool share bro btw congo for the first post wish u d great success

    1. athul says:

      Thank you Praveen, Hoping for success like your blog 🙂

  2. Rajeev Ranjan says:

    Now days alot of products are available for URL shortning like bitly,google nxy.in etc. But question is is who will provided best analysis report. I am using most of the time nxy.in and bitly.finally satisfied with nxy.in . google is strong and each products are well filtered in the market.

    1. athul says:

      Ranjan, you are right. Tracking well is also necessary. I think you should try google short links and stick on to it, because it is sure google lives longer. Google has recently announced they will improve their product. We can hope analytics of short urls become better.

  3. sureshpeters says:

    hey junior hero 🙂 the new hero is released 🙂 all the best..the very first post is rocking 🙂

    1. athul says:

      Thanks a lot, Suresh.

  4. Thats another good service from Google, except a strong email service and a good social network site Google has bought everything to a blogger and online entrepreneur.

    BTW : all the best and best wishes for your new project, Junior Hero ROCK!!!

    1. athul says:

      Thank you Shanker for your wishes and good will. You are right, Google has everything needed for bloggers and webmasters.

  5. Asif says:

    There are many other short url services but i like google’s the most.

    1. athul says:

      Asif, I too like the google product – goo.gl. It has numerous features and integrations. Most noteable is the generation of QR code for every link. Very few sites provide this service

  6. Google is going into almost every field now. After various other short URL services now Google has also launched its own short URL service.

    Congrats for your new blog mate 🙂

    1. athul says:

      Thank you Simrandeep for your comment.

      Google challenges every field. Its usual Google succeeds !

  7. esoftload says:

    goo.gl is more safer than any other short url service….. and the important is service is from google….

    1. athul says:

      Yeah Google products are trusted and google short url service is safest and secure of all

  8. hey HERO nice post…

    You can also use su.pr so you can also gain some advantage from stumbleupon also 😀

    — Sudharsan @ Technoskillonline

    1. athul says:

      Yeah Sudharsan, you are right. Su.pr is super too

  9. A truly well written post buddy, keep it up, I’m sure your blog will go a long way and it’ll surely touch the heights. I can’t wait for more from your site.

    1. athul says:

      Vishal, thanks for your big words. Stay updated 🙂

  10. Hey Junior hero..Congrats for new blog and best of luck 🙂
    Meanwhile I also like your first post…
    Google URL shortener is really useful and specially coz Goo.gl uses 301 redirect.

    1. athul says:

      Thanks a lot for commenting here. Thank you for liking it 😀

      Google URL shortener will be successful because of the 301 redirect

  11. Jaspal says:

    Congs Athul .. the blog name is really catchy .. best of luck and i hope the hero takes all the heroines 🙂

    1. athul says:

      Thank you, Jaspal bro.

      😉 Dude ha ha, trying to get in contact with girl bloggers 😛

  12. Shivendu says:

    Hey Junior Hero congrats for your site 🙂

    1. athul says:

      Thanks a lot dear 🙂

  13. First nice post junior..!
    Happy blogging !

    1. athul says:

      Thanks a lot, Shashank 😛

  14. aatif says:

    Google’s another service . And best of luck for your blog . 🙂

    1. athul says:

      Thanks for your wishes Aatif 🙂

  15. Rahul Maurya says:

    thank but short url working in nofollow link in other website

    1. Athul says:

      Rahul, Even though it is dofollow or nofollow. we can track the links easily as well as it is 301 redirect which actually get the traffic ranks to your own page. Isn’t that cool?

  16. whoisbid says:

    I have not seen much use of this on Twitter. People are using other services for url shortening. Do you think goo.gl will catch on some time soon?

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  18. brokenrope says:

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