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Government Taps Vodafone Phone Calls in India

Don’t get amazed if you are a Vodafone phone user in Asian countries such as India, the mobile operator Vodafone has allowed the Government of India to snoop on phone calls made in Vodafone network, literally that means users of other network are also tapped as you may be a BSNL user calling your friend on a Vodafone number hence your call with him is also recorded.

Edward Snowden

This is shocking as the users didn’t know they were being traced as such and direct by government. So like Aircel being shut down in South India, may be the Vodafone too has to shut down the services as the user base will start falling very soon. So if you are planning to move to Vodafone think twice before you make that move and move to some other trusted network.

Well Edward Snowden has revealed something even more shocking, thanks to people like him at least we are coming to know the secrets of government. But the authorities are not happy with his announcements as it helps terrorist to be more careful and alert.

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