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How TO: Convert Nikon NEF Images to Other Formats in a Second

The pictures you click on your Nikon DSLR are stored in NEF format.  NEF formats contains most details of every capture that the image size is too big. As you know when the size of the file increases the time taken for format conversion will also be more. As a result you need to wait patiently with enough system resources.


There are lot of tools to do the NEF conversion online, It was bit shocking when I found a lot of tools don’t deliver the conversion with same quality. When we do a file conversion from NEF to JPG or other formats there is a intense loss of data.  As a result you will lose the quality of the image.

Being a problem solver myself, I was thinking which is the laziest and easiest way to get this done. Pling I found a unique way not mentioned anywhere by any tech experts. I am saying this not because I am praising myself but to tell how tricky the solution is.

Here the steps goes

  • The best part is NEF files can be opened by windows photo viewer.
  • So for conversion, all you have to do is open the file in Windows Photo Viewer. Put it in full screen
  • Take a screenshot with Print Screen button
  • Paste the screenshot in any photo editor of your choice. Paint.NET is recommended.
  • Crop out unwanted regions in the image.
  • Then Save the image in any format of your choice JPG, PNG, GIF using Save AS option.
  • You have converted the image without any online tools , photoshop and the best part with zero loss in quality of image.

Taking screenshot never loses any quality since we are coping the pixels of screen which is independent of the original format.

Geek is not the one who gives a complex solution but who simplies complex problems.

Try it and tell me how did it go.

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