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How to Download Torrents When Blocked

Torrents being blocked in your university or your office is not a big deal. They block it to save their bucks as well as to save their network bandwidth. You must be one of such person who is affected by the inability to download torrents. You may have a tried a N number of ways to get torrents working from using proxy, Free VPN, Tor Browser, Tor Cache, Changing DNS and so on.  Well there are premium VPN’s which actually work and it helps you to download torrents at a fast rate, but you have to shed some dollars from your pocket which are actually empty when you are a college student and you desire to actually watch that top rated hollywood movie which is not with any of your friends or want to download some pirated softwares.


The real reason behind torrent don’t work in your network is since torrent port is blocked. So only way to download it without a premium VPN is download the torrent with an intermediate server which can access the torrent port and download’s the files to its server and from their allows us to download from port 80.

After a lot of research, I found a website named Bitport which actually helps you download torrents like a BREEZE!!


All you have to do is register an account on the website and copy/paste the torrent URL either .torrent url or the magnet link on the website and click “START DOWNLOAD”. The file will be downloaded first to the Bitport website, which will be stored in your My Files section, from there you can download either directly with your browser or by using some software such as FDM or IDM.

Only limitations of Bitport FREE account is you can store a maximum of 2.5 GB size files. That means you may need to delete the files from website after you downloaded it to your system so that you can download another file.

Another just recently added limitation, is the server download files of only 100 MB size/every hour. so if the file is 1GB in size, it would take around 10.24 hours to download the files to the website. But the good part is you can schedule the download and log out of website, and check back for the files after sometime. This way your time issaved and your need to be stay connected online is never required. So head to the website and start downloading.



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