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How to: Download Blocked Torrents on your Android Phone


Downloading torrents is what makes you really happy. Whether it is the movies or softwares always torrents come to rescue when you don’t have to shell a penny for watching that 3D movie or downloading the pirated OS.

Well if torrents download is blocked and you want to download torrents from your android. Follow the steps below and believe


How TO: Convert Nikon NEF Images to Other Formats in a Second


The pictures you click on your Nikon DSLR are stored in NEF format.  NEF formats contains most details of every capture that the image size is too big. As you know when the size of the file increases the time taken for format conversion will also be more. As a result you need to wait patiently with enough system resources.

There are lot of tools


How to Download Torrents When Blocked

Torrents being blocked in your university or your office is not a big deal. They block it to save their bucks as well as to save their network bandwidth. You must be one of such person who is affected by the inability to download torrents. You may have a tried a N number of ways to get torrents working from using proxy, Free VPN, Tor Browser, Tor


How to: 10 Ways to Speedup Chrome Browser

Speeding up chrome is never hard. Get it done Have you perceived your generally quick Google Chrome program backing off, or actually slamming on you? Unnecessary plugins, expansions, and actually searching information can ease your program off to a creep, or make it crash. Here’s the means by which to alter it. In this article, we’ll


How To Convert Image To Text Without OCR Software

Most of the time we wish‚  if the text in the images are converted to readable text which we can either copy paste or do changes and add it to documents we wanted to. But most of the time we either need a scanner and OCR software to read the text from the documents , most of the time it is complicated process.

Sometimes it isn’t cool if we


How to Read Any Link on Facebook Without Clicking it

Most of the time you might see a lot of news stories on your Facebook timeline if you have liked a lot of Facebook pages. But it is always annoying as to read the story we need to browse away to their site which is time taking and often we skip articles which we think not that worth to read it on their website.

So in that case, there comes a Google


How to Send an Email on a Future Date


No matter whether the days pass, email is still most preferred and used form of communication worldwide, so is sending emails. Don’t get amazed with this article, you are going to discover a crazy way of sending emails, well not just emails but the email on a future date.

OhLife a service funded by Y-Combinator brings that craziness to


How to Prevent Computer From Sleeping

Whether it is your computer or you, both the creatures love to sleep if you feel tired, lazy or out of mood. Well when you feel sleepy to be awake, you would be having coffee or watching that Sunny Leone or Mr Bean Show that switches off your boredom from the time you think about that. Well when you think about that with regard to computers they


How to Play Youtube Videos Without Ads

YouTube is the most popular video sharing website online owned by Google. Everyone loves to watch videos on YouTube as we can watch the favorite programs online at our convenient time and comfort zone. Nowadays if we look into videos we see more advertisements than videos and the worst thing is we don’t have any options to skip ad and we need


How to Trace Email Location by IP Address

Email is the most common form of communication used these days and it’s use is getting higher day by day due to its fast propagation through the Internet. Well behind every fake bomb blast emails and blackmailing emails we won’t be able to know from where the email has been send. So for finding


Check CBSE 12th Board Exam Results 2013 Published

CBSE 12th EXAM Results 2013

With less than 24 hours for the announcement of 12th std CBSE BOARD exam Results, students are hearing the countdown to the results and their future. Even though other board results are already out, CBSE have made a press release that the results of 12th will be out on May 27,2013 at 10:00 AM.

cbse results 12

The future of every child is determined by their


HOW TO: Find Blog Contests and Giveaways

There are a lot of contests buzzing on web, but we do not really see these contests. Either we miss it or don’t bother it. Whatever the prize is, getting something free of cost is really cool. From License keys to costly softwares, everything you can get free. But you must keep an eye on the contests going on web. Whether you