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How Microsoft Has Impacted My Life

Microsoft Student Associate is for students who are passionate about technology and is willing to give back to the society through technological ideas and solutions with help of Microsoft products and solutions. Well this is my entry for participating in the Microsoft Student Associate program.


As I mentioned in my About Me page of the JuniorHero blog, I made my first footprints with computer when I asked my mom, will she buy me a computer as a home becomes a home when there ia computer. She said no, but after my summer final exams she asked me to check a closed room in my home and I got surprised, computer has become a reality for first time in our home, then I said “now my home has become a real home“. My mom bought me a brand new Compaq Desktop PC with 256 MB Ram, AMD Athlon Processor, a Compaq CRT monitor, Microsoft Keyboard & Mouse and a Microsoft Windows XP installed. As a kid, it was a device which made me wonder like anything. Well my elder sister was there to guide me how to use this thing, elderly since she was in 6th standard, and I am in 4th standard of schooling.

There were some games such as Roadrash installed in the system, my sister held my hand over her hand and taught me how to mouse here and there. Well it was a big fun for me and most of time I would fight with her to let me use the system. It was not once or twice, but more than ten times I crashed my windows system by changing windows settings and switching off the computer without properly turning off, the computer technician was a regular visitor of our family. But after every such an incident, I gained more confidence and understood what each thing is for. It was like computer is destiny I am destined by god. I felt so depressed when my system doesn’t work and once my system processor got dead and capacitor lost the capacity since I didn’t switch off my system for days.‚  Well my story with Microsoft is like a baby who tries to walk but falls, but doesn’t stop trying until success.

Today when I look back I feel my foundation of computer knowledge is too strong and I can showcase wonders to the world all because of Microsoft devices & OS which was affordable to middle class homes like us as well as easy to use with GUI unlike other OS and costly Apple products.‚  Microsoft has impacted my life truly positive way.

So I believe now is the time for me to give back to society and show my gratitude to Microsoft by helping students and passionate techies with solutions they face such as Excel for spreadsheets, for file sharing and safe storage OneDrive, for email Outlook, for building powerful presentations – Powerpoint, the best OS – Windows 8.1, for gamers – Xbox, for Video Calling – Skype, for search Skype and so on.

As a MSA, I will share solutions to all technical problems students face as well as they can ask me for help for any Microsoft or technical product. Not just that I will actively participate in Microsoft forums and share solutions to all Microsoft problems on my blog.

As a MSA, I will involve in active discussions with people who have interest in technology and work towards improvement of Microsoft products by developing new Windows apps for people to use and involve easily. Not just that I will use Microsoft technology to solve problems by creating apps that can solve problems of the day such as Blood Donation and Women Safety apps.

So if you believe that I deserve to be a MSA, do share, like and comment on this article.

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    nice article.. thank’s

  2. arisnoni says:

    Hopefully, this program continues to run so that it can help students to get free education. It’s also good if you can be held throughout the country.

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    Your article contains useful information. Congratulations. I will continue to follow you.

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