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15 Safe File Sharing Websites

Sharing is beautiful. Sharing over internet is more beautiful. Transferring files over web is faster than sharing files with your Pen Drive, CD’s or Memory Cards. Online file sharing services eases sharing of music, pictures, videos and documents with our friends and clients. Unfortunately – sometimes it’s a hassle to move your data across multiple platforms. Softwares like Xender for PC aid with this across personal computing devices, but what a file sharing website does is that when we upload files, it get stored on the server and we can download it when necessary. There are many file sharing services but very few are fast, free and secure.

File Sharing Service

1.Google Docs

Google Docs is Google’s “software as a service” version of an office suite.

Google Docs Logo

Google Docs is a collaborative tool for editing documents among users and non-users in real-time. Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations and forms made can be imported as well as send via email. It is a very popular business tool since it is a cloud computing document-sharing service. Educational institutions and students use Docs due to its enhanced sharing features and accessibility.

  • Maximum file size: 1024 MB
  • Storage space: 1024 MB

2.Windows Live SkyDrive

Windows Live SkyDrive is a service by Microsoft Corporation.

Windows Live SkyDrive

SkyDrive is a file storage and sharing service which actually uploads to the computing cloud. SkyDrive requires a Windows live ID to login in.  SkyDrive has best encryption, MD5 authentication and enhanced SSL. SkyDrive also has a cool Silverlight add-on which uploads files by drag-and-drop.

  • Maximum file size: 50 MB
  • Storage space: 25 GB



MediaFire is the easiest way to host and share any file. It’s upload bar is better than other file sharing websites. They offer features like unlimited uploads, storage, downloads. MediaFire 3.0 has cool upload bar, RSS feeds and pages are cleaner and efficient. It is extremely simple to upload, download and track statistics. MediaFire matches the Social Media trend i.e. you can login with Facebook or Twitter and share your files in single click.

  • Maximum file size: 200 MB
  • Storage space: Unlimited


Megaupload is the most popular as well as the best file sharing service. This service comes handy when it is impossible to send a large file over email or you are too lazy to carry your portable storage drive. Using Mega Manager software you can download files at the speed  premium users get (9 A.M. _ 11 A.M. UTC). It offers toolbar as well as Megaupload filebox which allows visitors to upload files from your site and you earn Megaupload points.

  • Maximum file size: 2048 MB
  • Storage space: 200 GB
  • Free premium: 2 Hours Daily with Mega Manager software.




RapidShare is the commonly used file sharing service. Every day nearly 400,000 files are uploaded to 7 petabyte capacity servers. The best thing is that you can upload more than one file at a time for free. RapidShare is a perfect backup solution to make a huge file library. RapidShare is an alternative for people who feels mailing discs via carrier is highly insecure. You can convert RapidShare points to a RapidPro or Premium account holder. RapidShare provides tools like RapidShare manager which allows users to upload files up to 2 GB and RapidShare checker to check whether files are still available.

  • Maximum file size: 500 MB



FileFactory makes file sharing easy. It is a stable and secure file sharing service delivering excellence. Instead of sending very big attachments in emails which often bounces back you can use FileFactory to send files easily. FileFactory rewards helps you to make money online by file sharing. They pays 30$ for every 1000 downloads. They offer tools like Link checker to check whether your links are available. FileFactory turbo which fastens uploading and downloading from FileFactory.

  • Maximum file size: 2000 MB
  • Storage space: 500 GB



Hotfile is a one-click hosting service. Using Hotfile you can share big files safely and securely. Hotfile provides tools like Link Checker to check whether the file is available or not.
  • Maximum file size: 400 MB
  • Storage Space: Unlimited



Badongo is an advanced online storage service. Upload music, video or business documents and get links to view and download the files. Innovative part of Badongo are embeddable widgets for files which boosts user interactions. In addition Badongo has applications compatible with popular social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut and MySpace. Badongo Buddy for Windows and apps for Apple iPhone and Macbook are available.

  • Maximum file size: 1024 MB
  • Storage space: Unlimited



4shared is a high-quality online storage and file hosting service. 4shared allows users to store and search music, photo, videos and E-books. Best part of 4shared is variety of softwares to upload files from any device. Using 4shared apps you can upload from desktop, internet browser and even from your mobile devices – Symbian and iPhone.

  • Maximum file size: 200 MB
  • Storage Space: 10 GB



Sendspace allows users to send and receive large files which are too big for an email attachment. Sendspace lite allows people to send large files free of charge. Sendspace also has tools for easy upload and share of files. They have desktop software, iShare for iPhone and apps for Android.

  • Maximum file size: 300 MB



Drop.io is an easy to use online file sharing service. Drop.io eases sharing large files. Just create a drop and share it with your friends. Password protect is a security feature of drop.io file sharing service. You get an email as well as a unique conference call number and a RSS feed with every drop.

  • Maximum file size:  100 MB
  • Storage space: 100 MB



Ziddu is a 100% free file hosting and media sharing website. Ziddu provides unlimited storage space and bandwidth. More than this they have an active sharing community.

  • Maximum file size: 200 MB



Dropbox is the simplest and most elegant file-sync tool ever. Dropbox is a perfect file-sync, file-sharing and online backup solution. Dropbox replaces email attachments, USB drives and complicated backup softwares. Best thing is that you can use Dropbox anywhere. There are Dropbox official apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and for your Blackberry.

  • Maximum file size: 300 MB
  • Storage space: 2 GB



YouSendIt is a secure web-based file sharing service  which allows users to send, receive and track files. It is a solution for people who fails to send large attachments via emails. YouSendIt stores the file and emails the recipient a link to download the file. Now say goodbye to bounced emails, complicated FTP and USB flash drives. YouSendIt provides various tools for easier attaching. Microsoft Outlook plugin seamlessly integrates YouSendIt into Microsoft Outlook to send large files. YouSendIt trackers are available for your mobile devices – BlackBerry and iPhone.

  • Maximum file size: 100 MB



Box provides Cloud Content Management solution for corporates. Idea behind Box was people should share and access files from anywhere in the world. Popular enterprises like Google, Dell, BlackBerry, Apple, LinkedIn uses Box for powering their business and to share their business files securely. Sharing and management of content, Project collaboration and workflow, Content search and discovery, Mobile access, User management, Security and passwords, Reports and custom branding are features of Box Enterprise.

  • Maximum file size: 25 MB
  • Storage space: 1 GB

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36 thoughts on “15 Safe File Sharing Websites

  1. Elena says:

    Other ways, which are for the more advanced users is to use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to upload their files to the web hosting server.

    1. athul says:

      Thank you Elena for commenting here. FTP is a good way but we have to pay for servers especially for good one.

  2. Ayush Gupta says:

    Oh! i thought Rapidshare was having 1st rank. but it’s not…. Nice lisst

    1. athul says:

      Thank you Ayush 🙂 Google rocks in this field too

  3. Hey Athul, the list just don’t stops. It just keep going on and on again. Anyways, Thanks for sharing.

    1. athul says:

      Right bro. Actually, I thought of finding top 7 file sharing websites but I found many other websites leading to top 15 file transfer sites 🙂

  4. Ileane says:

    Hi Athul, I came here from Bloggers dot com. I like this post because cloud computing is so much fun. I use Google Docs the most but I also use Dropbox. I always run out of space on Dropbox though. 🙂

    I have a dropio account but I forgot all about it. Have you tried Sugar Sync yet?

    Thanks for the post.

    1. athul says:

      Thank you Ileane and welcome to my blog. I will surely try Sugar Sync. I too like Google Docs due to its simplicity and easiness to use

  5. Swamykant says:

    I prefer Mediafire and for music files – File Factory is the best. Thanks for sharing the List

    1. athul says:

      I too like Mediafire. Its tracking system and uploader is super cool! File Factory is also a wonderful service with high disk space and web 2.0 features

  6. Viral says:

    Great Share..! Thanks buddy

    1. athul says:

      Welcome Viral. I worked hard to release this post

  7. jeyaganesh says:

    thanks. Nice collection.

    Many of them are new to to me.

    1. athul says:

      Welcome to my blog Ganesh. Try out all the services

  8. Anish KS says:

    I like mediafire. its supports download managers.

    1. athul says:

      Thank you for this information. Mediafire is the best and fast, next generation file host

  9. Michelle Lee says:

    Simply discovered your website through google and I consider this can be a disgrace that you are not ranked upper due to the fact that that is a awsome site.

    1. athul says:

      Michelle, I liked your comment so much. We are not ranked better because we are just a new blog and it takes years, for a blog to be successful

  10. Ramya says:

    but i some upload site may contain more warez contents like RS , MU , MF etc , it is same to go for better service than these

    1. athul says:

      Welcome to Juniorhero, Ramya!

      Rapidshare is made for public sharing, so lot of pirated stuffs are there. If you want to share among your friends & yourself, prefer services like SkyDrive etc

  11. Matt Dyer says:

    File Ferret.net is pretty good, allows you to upload files up to 2.4GB in size and 244GB with a ferretPRO account! Quick upload and downloads too.

    1. Athul says:

      Matt, Welcome to Juniorhero. I checked File Ferret. It’s features are cool and happy that you are satisfied with their service.

  12. you should find the free file host that allows up to 10 gigs. That’s the one I use to upload DVD5 sizes files. FTP upload speed seems capped at 1.6 megabytes/sec 🙁

    I could list it in the comments but what fun would that be? 😉

    Go… find the other free file hosts that allow file sizes of at least 5 gigs with FTP

    badongo is EVIL re-splitting files to increase ad impressions. boycott

    media fire keeps fighting JDownloader and losing… there are not enough of them to win the war haha

    Merry Christmas past and a Happy safe New Year

    1. Athul says:

      Hey, I will take that into consideration. But you need so much space. It is better you go with premium paid plans from these file hosting sites or upload these DVDs as torrents

      Happy new year

  13. Chris says:

    I've used File Ferret for a while now and I would recommend it to anyone! Fast, simple website with great downloading/uploading speeds and data limits!

  14. Niswender says:

    Good matter from you, man. Ive glance at your in addition to before in addition to youre just too awesome. I be fond of what youve got here, feel affection for what youre saying with the way you say it. You make it entertaining with you still manage toward keep it smart. I cant wait toward figure out more from you. This is really a skillful web publication.

  15. Palakiko says:

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  16. netload.in says:

    Thank’s for sharing this great post, it helps a lot.=)

  17. Adebayo gbolade says:

    which other file sharing site like 4shared allows non registered users to search and download files from their database

  18. Scribd, SlideShare, DocStoc and Issuu are outright Winners.

  19. Trelo says:

    You are surely missing FileCubed.com

  20. I assume if you concentrate on it in that way then you're correct.

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    So… is this piece the latest on this topic?.

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