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All About Hike buying US Startup Zip Phone

Hike acquires Zip Phone, which was propelled all around in December 2012, is planning to grow its item go by wandering in the Internet-based correspondence space. Further giving indications about the development arrange, the child of Bharti Enterprises director Sunil Mittal said, “With the securing we make one more stride towards that mission.From


Lenovo A6000 Review Android 4.4 Smartphone

Lenovo A6000 is hitting CES 2015 hard with a considerable measure of fascinating new gadget advertisements and eclipsing a great deal of the opposition.

Nothing excessively dynamite, however introductory estimating puts the Lenovo A6000 gadget at $169 or under INR 10,000. At that cost tag the specs sheet is really noteworthy, considering that the


Facebook Acquires QuickFire for Auto Playing Video

Facebook Video

This obtaining without a doubt indicates how genuine the organization is about incorporating features to their informal community.

Facebook clarified in a blog entry, how it is seeing a significant movement towards visual substance, particularly features. It uncovers that Facebook clients have been posting features all the more every now and


Google Says Internet will Crash on June 30, 2015


Keeping in mind the end goal to record for the backing off of the Earth’s pivot, researchers have added one measly second to the logbook. Doesn’t have any kind of effect right? Google supposes it does. Thus, Google is purportedly making preemptive move for the same.

Despite the fact that scarcely anybody will understand it, the day


Mobile Phones with One TeraByte Memory Soon

An enormous use of cell phones is their capacity to hold quite a bit of your information – photographs, features, your whole music library – on a little gadget. Anyhow throughout the years, their capacity abilities, generally close to 64 GB, haven’t kept pace with all the motion pictures, recreations, applications and other


Top 5 Sites to Video Chat Online


Chat with strangers like never before. With the comfort of pillow meet interesting people from round the globe at your fingertips. The site Chatroulette got a colossal accomplishment with their webcam talk.

Specified here are the top 5 websites to text or video chat strangers online.


Meet cool singles round the globe through


How much Bandwidth Does Youtube Use?

A normal Video  consumes around 10mb for 60 seconds of video, while this may again contrast focused around the quality and squeezing angles. Presently on the off chance that you see the same feature which is of 15 minutes span transferred to a feature facilitating site, the rough measure of data transfer capacity you would expend would be around


FREE Google Docs Website Uptime Monitor with Email & SMS

We are the webmasters, bloggers and server administrators. We know that bad feeling on the customers when they try to access your website. Never ever make your visitors feel alone. Give them a guarantee your website will live through the deepest of technical problems as you are there to cope it out.

Never ever pay for website monitoring services such


How Microsoft Has Impacted My Life


Microsoft Student Associate is for students who are passionate about technology and is willing to give back to the society through technological ideas and solutions with help of Microsoft products and solutions. Well this is my entry for participating in the Microsoft Student Associate program.

As I mentioned in my About


Top 5 Reasons to Buy Microsoft Xbox One Without Kinect

Microsoft just announced the new Xbox One without kinect at Microsoft Headquarters, well it has created an impulse in the minds of gamers as well as Microsoft competitor Sony. Once a time people preferred to buy Sony Playstation over Microsoft Xbox only because of a price factor, but now it is hundred dollar cheaper than you think, now this would


How to Change Default Folder View in Windows 8

Changing the default view of folders in Windows 8 is easier than you think. As the default Folder view kept while installing Windows 8, Windows 7 and other older versions is so annoying, we prefer to change the view. I feel so uncomfortable when I see the folders shown as list view or when the folders are shown in small icons which is so uncomfortable