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How to Prevent Computer From Sleeping

Whether it is your computer or you, both the creatures love to sleep if you feel tired, lazy or out of mood. Well when you feel sleepy to be awake, you would be having coffee or watching that Sunny Leone or Mr Bean Show that switches off your boredom from the time you think about that. Well when you think about that with regard to computers they too feel sleepy if we don’t do any activity or not use their brain. It sounds cool because it saves a lot of power being wasted due to non-usage of the system, but at a same time it feels annoyed especially to we technology loving people.


Usually we never switch off the system because most of the time we would be downloading programs and movie and we never intend to switch that internet off if we are using an unlimited internet plan. While I was moving across Microsoft forum, I found many people are having problem with their system that sleeps at every moment of inactivity. I saw a lot of ways to fix the problem including changing the settings on Control > Power Management but the solution seem not easy as it seem and most of time it is not solving the problem.


Well then I thought for an innovative solution and came up with simple analysis of problem. A computer never goes to sleep if there is activity either from Mouse or Keyboard, isn’t that right? So if we can automate the action of mouse or keyboard we are able to prevent system from sleeping.


There comes Mouse Jiggler a 53 KB, windows portable application which let you automate the motion of mouse backward and forth by a pixel which your eyes can’t visualise, you can continue to work even with this application running and forget about setting power management stuff. Next time if you want to download anything, run this app and worry no more.

Run the app and click on “Enable jiggle?” to make the mouse start jiggling

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