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How to Protect your Eyes from Computer Screen

Whether you are busy business person or a school student, everyone uses computer these days like anything. With the coming of social networks and blogs people use internet more time than before. May be you need to work almost whole day in front of your computer screen but you forget to protect your eyes from the computer high usage.

Today we have LCD and LED screen still it is a far way safer than CRT and cathode screen which are highly cautious to screen. Even I have to wear glasses from my primary school because I often sit close to the TV screen to watch movies and programmes which I failed to realise when I was a kid. So now I am wearing glasses and it became a permanent attached stuff to my face these days. So to protect yourself‚  from such hazards, I have to warn you to protect your eyes from the computer screen.


To protect your precious eyes which is the dream of many patients without eyes round the world, it is often better to take a break at least every 30 minute during your work. Another tip would be to watch a far object for 2 minutes every 20 minute and to blink your eyes regularly.‚  It is often recommended by doctors for the tears of eyes to come out as it washes away all dust particles covering your eyeball. If you have moisture problem in your eyes there are eye drops which are prescribed by doctors for people who work too much time in front of computers.


Well more technically such an eye problem is caused by your computer screen, for the safety of your eyes it is recommended to use a LCD or LED screen more preferably. Not just that keep at least a 0.3 meter gap between your screen and eyes. If possible work on projector screens and its impact on eyes will be low.



Also it is recommended to reduce the color and keep it as low as possible and there is an amazing software f.lux the software to make your life better. What this software does is that it automatically adapts the brightness of screen according to day or night. It calculates whether it is day or night by your latitude and longitude or zip code.‚  The amazing part it adjusts all the brightness automatically after then your eyes won’t be strained anymore. Go get flux now.


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