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How to read Amazon Ebooks for Free without a Amazon Kindle

To read books is fun so is to own a kindle. Once in a hotel, I have seen an American reading some e-book on a ‚ kindle so patiently and I didn’t have money to get a kindle, But buying a kindle just for reading is sometimes useless as there are android tablets which lets you play games and read anything and everything with peace of mind and on clear big screen better than the smartphones.

Amazon Kindle

Like the Blackberry chat coming to Android and Apple platforms most successful products are now sold in every platform to tap maximum customers and let everyone enjoy using their product without being restricted to any phone or device, same thing happened to Amazon Kindle and Amazon Ebooks company, lastly Amazon announced launch of Amazon India with books at price lower than we get in Indian market or Indian e-commerce portals like Flipkart.


If you want to read an e-book from amazon store you don’t have to spend your hard-earned 200$ on an amazon kindle reader, you can read it right from your android phone or from your internet browser such as Google Chrome.

Google chrome users must download Amazon Kindle app from the Google Play store and Android users download it from Android app store. It is not necessary you must download the app you can read it from Amazon reader portal

The coolest thing with amazon reader is it is completely disturbance free and you will completely concentrate of reading your favourite books or magazine s from the Amazon store

To get the amazon ebooks for free go to Amazon Best Sellers


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  2. Kindle Cloud reader is great. I read Kindle books on my phone, computer, and tablet.

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