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How to Read Any Link on Facebook Without Clicking it

Most of the time you might see a lot of news stories on your Facebook timeline if you have liked a lot of Facebook pages. But it is always annoying as to read the story we need to browse away to their site which is time taking and often we skip articles which we think not that worth to read it on their website.

So in that case, there comes a Google Chrome extension to solve your worries of reading that page within Facebook itself. This plugin shows the pages as a preview of the site when we keep the mouse over the link, the page is displayed as Hover over the link. Sounds cool? Sorry to Firefox users no such extension has been developed for Mozilla Firefox users.


So to use this technology

  1. Download the HoverReader plugin
  2. Install it on Google Chrome
  3. Surf to Facebook or Google Search
  4. Keep the mouse over the link you intend to open
  5. The page is shown as Hover over the link

Download HoverReader and cultivate the habit of reading articles now.

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