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Top 5 Reasons to Buy Microsoft Xbox One Without Kinect

Microsoft just announced the new Xbox One without kinect at Microsoft Headquarters, well it has created an impulse in the minds of gamers as well as Microsoft competitor Sony. Once a time people preferred to buy Sony Playstation over Microsoft Xbox only because of a price factor, but now it is hundred dollar cheaper than you think, now this would decrease the demand of PlayStation at a larger scale. Gamers as well as developers are eagerly waiting for their new device shipped from the Microsoft Headquarters, meanwhile we got an opportunity to give you a clear cut review of this wonderful device the Microsoft Xbox One Without Kinect.


Here we lay down the top 10 reasons why you should get a Microsoft Xbox One without Kinect todayxbox-one

#1 Price

Price is the greatest reason, with reduction over 100$, Sony PlayStation chooser can’t ignore Microsoft Xbox one over price like they were doing before.

#2 More Gamers

With fall of price in the gadget, we can expect more gamers to buy this device and start playing today. So that means you got more neighbors to play the game with as gamers are connected with each other using over 30000 servers

#3 Free Games

With more gamers, we can expect the developers to release the game for free at least for trial version, so you are the ones who is going to get better

#4 New Developers & New Games

With the increase in demand of Microsoft Xbox One without Kinect, we can expect new developers to release new games. So close your eyes and watch out for more games for you to play and enjoy.

#5 No More Annoying Family Calls on Skype

With absence of kinect you don’t have to get disturbed by family calls on Skype while you play the games with full concentration, the concentration which we should be actually giving while we study for exams.

The Microsoft Xbox one without Kinect is made available on Microsoft Store for 399$, go to Microsoft Official Store and search for Xbox One, go get it before out of stock. Do tell me if you know any other crazy acts you were doing with the Kinect other than the family Skype calls.


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