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How To Remove Fake Profiles From Facebook

Facebook is the #1 social networking site worldwide with over 1 Billion active users. ‚ Every grandma as well as pets in your neighbourhood must be having ‚ a Facebook page or profile with over thousands of followers which makes them feel like rock stars.‚ Every big organisation as well as actors has a cool Facebook profile that get’s them around 300-450 likes every 10 second.‚ You won’t know when you become famous, because may be someday that crazy video made by you may start trending that makes you the next cyber rock star.


Few days back one of my friend’s friend messaged me saying she was in a blackmailing situation caused by a guy who loved her but she didn’t accept the relationship, as a result he copied down all the photos and data from her Facebook account and made it into a new profile under her name with seducing and immoral updates. ‚ Not just that she was worried to go for cyber cell or communicate with police. The good thing is she asked me to solve the problem, well thanks to her I got an experience to share.

So in this situation, talking with accused doesn’t seem to work because he has his own intentions and is willing to do anything, it is the victim‚ that gets affected badly. When it comes to Facebook profiles, the good thing is that there is a “Report / Mark as Spam”, so all we have to do is report but to remove it or not is the decision by the FB governance executives, Normally we will get a reply within 24 hours.‚ But most of the cases, they won’t remove the profile if the profile is made long time back or has lot of friends, lot of photo’s the chance of removal is 0.01%. ‚  ‚  ‚ Well in that case, for a profile to get removed, you have to get that profile reported by 55 Facebook Users, If it is reported by 55 users the profile get removed within 24 hours.


If the profile is made few days back, then the profile will get removed automatically even without action by a FB authority, seems FB has developed algorithm to check whether it is fake profile, by several days since profile made, lack of profile picture.

So if you are in such a situation, all you have to do is report the profile yourself and if not remove get it reported by 55 friends, it will be removed for sure. Sometimes I think for verification of FB profiles especially in case of Misrepresentation, they should ask for some valid proof and on submission they will match it with the license database and validates whether the user is real or not.

If you need help in fighting Cyber crime ‚ especially in Fake Facebook profiles, Don’t forget to ask me for help :)‚ Seems I am blogging after ‚ a long time, your comments are appreciated for inspiration and refreshment.

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