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[WORKING] How to Remove WordPress Category Base

Are you just another frustrated blogger who want to remove the unwanted /category/ base from your WordPress blog? If yes, you don’t have to waste hours trying to remove it with .htaccess which messes up when we add buggy and weird codes.

I see this is a popular unsolved question in the Blogosphere.There are millions of pages who wrote on the same topic with .htaccess non-working codes and many WordPress plugins which made errors including serious 404 pages for available pages.

The main problems which made this an unsolved WordPress issue are

  • Too Complex editing of .htaccess and redirection plugins
  • So much SEO issues.
  • Buggy and non-working WP plugins.
  • Contributors edited the plugins and made more fatal errors.
  • Un-updated and non-compatible WP plugins.
  • The primary category base killer plugin screws up with other plugins.

Messed Up While Coding


I believe only few bloggers have managed to remove the category base from their blogs. They might have hired web coders or could be a web developer himself. I checked many ProBloggers and Popular Bloggers who write about SEO but none of them has managed to remove the /category/ part from their WordPress blog.

I am quite happy to showcase the plugin I found by googling. Even I Googled the same thing numerous times, but I couldn’t find this plugin. Yesterday it caught my eyeball attention. You are lucky enough that I found a solution for your common problem. If you can’t believe this, you can see it live on Juniorhero.

No Category Parents WordPress Plugin


No Category Parents is a WordPress plugin which hadn’t got any coverage on the web yet. This plugin will completely remove “Category Base” from your WordPress permalinks. It automatically redirects and rewrites all urls to the new url. It changes your “/category/name/” to “/name/”.

Installation is quite simple. Simply upload to /wp-content/plugins/ in your WordPress installation folder and activate it.

Download the WordPress plugin: No Category Parents

If PHP generates your categories list,you don’t have to do anything. But if you have manually linked category urls in your blog, you need to change it to the format without “category/” in the link.

Thus we can remove the category base from your WordPress blog.

Please do tell me If it does not work. We welcome your replies. If you have any WordPress or Blog related problem, Just drop a comment, I will solve it. Happy Blogging.

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  1. That would be a great plugin. I honestly didn't like the category as I deem it unnecessary. I mean if you can arrange your blog posts according to pages then there is no need to categorize them. Also the Tags are a better option even SEO wise.

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