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How to Send an Email on a Future Date

No matter whether the days pass, email is still most preferred and used form of communication worldwide, so is sending emails. Don’t get amazed with this article, you are going to discover a crazy way of sending emails, well not just emails but the email on a future date.


OhLife a service funded by Y-Combinator brings that craziness to next level, well at least it helps you to remember your life. The service is so simple that you can give a email address. message and a date with year up to 2024. Sounds crazy?? yes it is, we are not even sure whether the service will last till 2024, but we have high expectations not on them atleast overselves, we are having high hopes, something like if you are the Bill Gates of 2024, you will get the email in 2024, I wished to be rich and help the poor and needy out. Trust me those emails will guide you even further to reach your dreams and do what you dreamed of.

Since the service is funded by Yahoo, don’t worry they won’t go offline without sending your emails. So why not schedule an email for future of saying what you did this day and what you want to see yourself in future. So at that moment you won’t even remember such a stuff you did, but it will break your heart and bring you tears of joy. So why not schedule an email now on OhLife

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