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Start Blogging in Less Than 5 Minutes

Thousands of blogs are

launched online every day. Every businessman and person is launching a blog to share his ideas with others. As the demand for creating blogs is increasing every day, the process of creating a blog is becoming easier as well. Now, it takes even less than 5 minutes to have your own blog.

1.) Register a Domain Name

Before setting up a blog, a domain name registration is needed. Make sure the domain name is relevant to the niche of your blog and its length is short as well when you’re finding available domains. If you are going to create a blog about Medifast and Nutrisystem coupons, then the domain name should be relevant as well.

2.) Create a Hosting Account

Select a good web host. These days there are webhosts which have special packages for blogs. These plans are usually named as WordPress plans with a WordPress blog already installed. But its not necessary to buy these plans as a blog could be installed at any web host.

3.) Install a Blogging Script

After registering a web hosting account, you need to install a blogging script. If you would ask me, I would definitely recommend WordPress to you. The script is available for free and is very easily installed on any web server. What you need is a few megabytes of web space, a database and FTP client. First you will upload all files through the FTP client, create a database and run the installer. The installer will ask you for your database and FTP details.

4.) Customize Blog Settings

Different customizations are available through GUI. You dont need to be a coding expert and you even dont need to code a single line to customize the appearance of your blog. You can change the title, sub-title, theme and links of your blog. Do change the permalinks of your blog to mention the blog post title and the category in which that blog post resides.

5.) Install Plug-ins

For enthusiastic bloggers, there are tweaks to further customize their blogs known as plug-ins. These plug-ins either modify a previous functionality or add a new functionality to your blog. Another plus point of using WordPress is that all the plug-ins are placed on the same site for free and you dont have to search web for these plug-ins.

6.) Thats All Let’s Start Writing

This is all whats needed to set-up a blog. It doesnt take even 5 minutes. Some of the host also provides an installation option called Fantastico which allows installing number of scripts in just a minute. WordPress is one of those scripts. If your host offers Fantastico, then you dont even need to perform step 3 of installing a blog script. Moreover, there are few websites online which provide free blog hosting services as well. These websites dont even need you to register a domain but you can use a free sub-domain provided by them. Moreover, the installation is done within seconds and you even dont need to get involved in FTP details. Using these services save webhosting and domain registration costs along with saving you from getting involved in FTP and other technicalities.


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  5. Yes, Blogging is this much easy now a days. Anyone can start blogging with these above mentioned five steps.

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