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How to get Startup Idea

Now every youngster wants to start a startup just like there was a period when every teen wants to become doctor or engineer. Starting a startup is not easy as you think, to do that you need an idea that could solve a problem humans are facing. May be a million startups already on the globe but only few thousands of them are really successful. ‚ Definition of startup success is different for everyone it may vary from having a flat bank balance, a million users, global coverage, startup being used by celebs and famous personalities or may be personal satisfaction.


The startup visionaries says to get a startup idea, you don’t have to think and invent something, all you to do is get your backpacks and go to places where you have been never, I would say the best place to go is to remote villages of India where is no water or electricity and people leading a miserable life. For people like us connected to internet, using FB & mobile phones every moment it may be hard to adjust but as everyone says “entrepreneurs spend their life the way most do so that they can live in future most cannot” Going to villages may be crazy but you will definitely face enough of problems and you start thinking of how to solve this particular problem, as ‚ a result you have found a solution to the problem yourself and millions like you are facing the same problem, you just build a prototype and ask fellow resides to try it, if they feels good truly you are next entrepreneur, now you don’t have to worry if they are similar products in the globe, this is a product you made, and let the other companies compete, ‚ No matter whether it is humans or Startups, it is survival of the fittest.

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If thousands of people build startups we can build a better planet than yesterday, thankfully there are enough startup incubators, all you have to do is go before and discuss the global need of such product and how we are going to bring a solution for such a problem.

May be if you could build a phone that works without need of network coverage or a SIM that lets you call free globally, they are revolutionary. The ideas mentioned before are my ideas and I haven’t started working on such ideas.

For building a startup the best place to start is colleges because you will stay in hostel and get roommates who you can trust and stay united with you no matter what. Not just that they can become CEO, CFO, HR and assign each task of building a startup.

The growth of internet startup ‚ is faster than offline one and so is truly global. ‚  The startups that won’t go down easily are mobile applications and internet startups, also SMS startups. ‚ Startup like Instagram got acquired by FB for 1 Billion dollar, sounds crazy. ‚  ‚  ‚  ‚  The Indian startup RedBus got acquired for a whooping 800 crores, seriously you can’t make that money from your job in a MNC or local company, Companies like Infosys just screws you with 24*7 assignments and remember the undisclosed amount, visionaries like Narayana Murthy earns.

People may destroy you, irritate you, laugh at you but one day your startup won’t fail if you believe in it. ‚ The inventor of bulb failed almost a 1000 times, still he didn’t give up, so is the light and electricity we see today.

Build a startup for the human race and human race won’t ever forget your contributions for the betterment of humanity.

Well my mind says I have to become a startup founder that everyone appreciates, one day I would do it, don’t know when I will accomplish, for hardcore knowledge of developing a startup Read‚ The Lean Startup

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  1. sometimes, best idea come when you in bathroom

  2. for me, i have idea for startup bussiness with my passion. because we will loved it, do the best

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