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How to Trace Email Location by IP Address

Email is the most common form of communication used these days and it’s use is getting higher day by day due to its fast propagation through the Internet. Well behind every fake bomb blast emails and blackmailing emails we won’t be able to know from where the email has been send. So for finding the culprit behind such cyber crimes, we trace the IP Address of the sender‚  which is kept hidden in every email. So once we can find the IP address of the user, we can trace his location and get in contact with Internet service provider to know who used that IP and his complete details.


To trace an email in Gmail, all you have to do is open the email and click on down arrow on right side of email and click on “Show Original” as shown in the screenshot below.





Now you will be taken to the original email with full headers. To find‚  the sender’s IP, check the X-Received column there would be a domain name with an IP Address written “From”. Copy that IP Address




Now go to Who.is which is a free IP Address and domain name who.is search tool. Enter the IP address taken from the last step and click on Search.





Now the Who.is details of the IP Address is shown including the organisation name, address, city, state and postal code.



Hence we have traced the sender of email, most of the cases we are using either BSNL or other broadband. They hide the details of user, hence to know the criminal, only way is to ask the authority for giving you information of the user, at least we are able to which ISP they used to send the email, hence we can contact that ISP for investigation.


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