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5 Ways To Tweet Longer than 140 Characters

Well it is cool to know twitter is microblogging service with 140 character limit termed tweets. But most of time we need to write tweets longer than 140 characters, but twitter doesn’t allow you to tweet more than 140 characters at a go. Thanks to developers who came to rescue such a requirement with their own services and web applications which solved the problem of 140 character tweets limit.

Here we can move through the top 5 apps to extend those 140 characters limit up to 14,000 characters. Sounds cool isn’t it?

#1 TwitLonger

As the app says, it lets you extend the character limit to infinite, as this service allows you to write what you want to say and it shares a tweet with a link to the full text. So all the text is stored on the Twitlonger site, so if your followers want to read the complete tweet they need to go to Twitlonger website to read the tweet. It is just like blogging, we share the link to our followers after we publish the post on our website.

tweet longer

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#2 Twenth

Just like Twitlonger, this app lets you tweet longer than 140 characters and it auto-posts to your twitter account, with a link to full text where user can read the complete tweet. It is also a cool service.

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#3 Twishort

Twishort cuts short your long tweet automatically along with a link to your complete tweet. Following that link users can read the tweet. So express your ideas clearly by explaining it better and let the people understand it much clearer.

#4 TweetExtend

TweetExtend lets you tweet up to 14000 characters per tweet. Like the other services it helps you tweet longer and publish a link to your tweet, so that your users can browse through the link and read the tweet.

#5 Tall Tweets

Tall tweets let you tweet long either as text or image. Image seems much cool way of tweeting long as twitter automatically fetched the picture within the Twitter portal, so that users don’t have to browse away to read those tweets.


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