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Beginning of New Era – The Digital India



India is a fast developing country with immense potential for growth of technology and research. Countries such as US and China became developed, only due to the advent of technology, We can measure how much a country and its citizens are developed with the use of advancement technology. Recently in the last few years there is a high penetration of technology in India and this is all possible due to the higher connectivity of India and its citizens.



With the coming of Shri Narendra Modi government, a new era of technology has been grown out of India, “India going Digital” or the Digital India. It is the mission of government of India to promote technology to Indians and reach  each and every Indian.



Shri Narendra Modi, PM of India signing Digital India

The main objectives of Digital India are

  • e-Governance – To reduce corruption
  • Online Banking – virtual money transactions, both debit and credit as well as mobile banking
  • Internet Connectivity in Rural areas
  • Better Healthcare – blood bank, patient appointment systems
  • Promote education online to the rural students



Digital India has now mainly the following areas of vision

  1. Digital Infrastructure as a Core Utility to Every Citizen
  2. Governance and Services on Demand
  3. Digital Empowerment of Citizens


There was indeed a lot of debate about the security of data as all data such as Adhaar is online, as a result there need to be significant protection in securing the data of people. Digital India is more of “Make in India” with vision of Shri Narendra Modi Government the technology is being incubated within India itself. There was a news in few days back on Newspaper that Ministry of IT & Communications has developed an Operating System “BOSS” just for government officials which says Bharat Operating System Solutions.


Digital India Week is being celebrated at Amity University, I2 Block from this Monday so as to prosper and understand the forming of Digital India and bringing the new agenda to students, faculties, researchers and students.

On the event,  Shri Srinath from the IT department said “Digital India is source of social reformation in India”

Dr Shukla Mam, Vice Chancellor, AUUP said “Technology is one such powerful tool which could beused with equal ease by a person who has not even gone to school”

Mr. Sunil Sharma, said “21st centuryis a “Knowledge Economy” where all the Institutions look forward to three basicprinciples- “Simplicity in all the processes”, “Enhanced speed” and “Quickresolution of all the problems”

Videos of Digital India




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